Sophie Attwater

Level 5 Higher Apprenticeship in HR Management

Works at Bright Future

The future looks bright for Apprentice Sophie after starting her Higher Level Apprenticeship in HR Management at Blackburn College. Sophie, whose experience is mainly in the recruitment industry, felt a change of career may be right for her, and applied for a job at Bright Future, a software development company in Media City, Manchester. Through this role, she had access to start a Level 5 Apprenticeship in HR Management, which she says has made her realise how valuable it is to study for an Apprenticeship.

“Blackburn College is doing everything they can to help me with my Apprenticeship. Our class is a small group so we get more time with our tutors, and as the group come from a diverse range of industries, we can all share our experience, resources and best practice. All our tutors are very experienced and CIPD fellows – meaning we get the best possible education from people who have been in industry. I am lucky to be supported not just by Blackburn College, but by Bright Future who support me too and help me develop new skills.”