Lancashire Employer Apprenticeship Ambassadors

What is an Employer Ambassador?

The Lancashire Employer Ambassador Network is a group of employers, whose main aim is to spearhead the drive to engage new employers to commit to apprenticeship delivery in England. The National and North West apprenticeship ambassador networks are supported by the Lancashire Apprenticeship Ambassador networks (LAAN). The chair of each Regional LAAN is also a member of the national AAN.

Lancashire Employer Ambassadors are all employers who have previously, or who currently recruit apprentices and who want to highlight the benefits of taking part in the Apprenticeship programme to other employers and young people. They may even have been apprentices themselves, therefore they are passionate about their experiences with apprentices and are keen to promote the apprenticeship route

These ambassadors undertake their role (on a voluntary basis) by supporting and influencing a wide range of key stakeholders including schools, colleges, local enterprise partnerships, employers and their supply chains, trade associations and employment bodies. They champion and support marketing, publicity and events to raise awareness of apprenticeships and also mentor other employers.

Why become an Employer Ambassador?

  • It will provide prestige for your company and will acquire great publicity for your employer.
  • You will raise awareness of your employer to young people and attract the next generation of apprentices and employees to your employer.
  • You will be part of a network of employers across Lancashire and the North West who champion the  Apprenticeship route.
  • Finally, you will expand your network of contacts.

If you would like to become an Employer Ambassador contact Cath by email or by phone on 01254 306831.