Julie Childs – Lancashire County Council
DATE 13/06/2019

Name, Age and Job Role
Mrs Julie Childs, Aged 48
School Business Manager (SBM), Carr Hill High School – Lancashire County Council

Which type of Apprenticeship are you doing or have you completed? Please include if it is intermediate, advanced or higher.
Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship

Who do you work for and what do they do?
Maintained secondary school responsible for the education of young people aged 11-16

Why did you choose to become an apprentice?
To progress to a higher level in School Business Leadership it would be expected / essential that the applicant would be educated to degree level. My current post is in Senior Leadership and the apprenticeship learning is supporting me in this strategic role.

What does your day in your work life involve?
Begins with a 15 minute morning meeting with the rest of the Senior Leadership Team to review and monitor the day / week ahead. I have operational meetings on a fortnightly basis with all the staff whom I line manage. This supports us to keeping on top of our objectives and allows time to discuss any issues. This time is important as it builds on our working relationships. There are often planned meetings with contractors or service providers. Time is also spent on reviewing, analysing and forecasting financial implication of decisions or changes made to the school budget. Reactive issues are managed throughout the day and I attempt to make time for some reflective practice at the end of each day.

What do you enjoy and what is the best thing about being an apprentice?
I am enjoying learning enormously and the ease at which the CMDA can be applied to make me more effective in my role. I am enjoying studying with the cohort, it is helpful to bounce ideas around the group.

What are your career plans and what would you like to be doing in 5 years’ time?
The SBM role has been in the school structure since January 2017. I would like to embed the position to support the school in obtaining the best outcomes for the students. Longer term I am possibly considering looking at positions with a MAT or a role within the Authority.

What is your greatest achievement?
My family is important to me, working at my marriage, being the best parent I can be and a good dog owner are my greatest achievements….even when they don’t feel like it!

Give us one fun fact about yourself!
I love Walt Disney World and Parker Pens

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about becoming an apprentice?
To be sure the commitment needed is really understood both by the individual and their employer. It really helps if you enjoy learning.

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