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Meet our Apprentice and Employer Ambassadors…

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Book an Apprentice Ambassador

Our aim in Lancashire is to get more young people, schools and parents to be aware of and understand Apprenticeships. Young people say to us on a regular basis that they were never aware of Apprenticeships; that they were not told about the opportunities by their school, teachers or parents. There is a significant drive in Lancashire to improve the level of access to information about Apprenticeships and the Apprenticeship Ambassador scheme is the programme that is spearheading this drive.

Rather than have representatives from the skills sector promoting the value of Apprenticeships, we are supporting current or recently qualified apprentices to attend school events and talk about their experience as an Apprentice.

The process in brief…

  1. The Lancashire WBL Executive Forum (LWBLEF) will identify suitable candidates who are either current or recently qualified apprentices;
  2. The LWBLEF will give training to these individuals to make sure that they are
    a) giving the same consistent message
    b) are able to integrate their own personal experiences – this will typically consist of outlining what an Apprenticeship is and the benefits experienced by the young person and their employer;
  3. The LWBLEF will coordinate opportunities for Ambassador presentations;
  4. Materials and resources will be provided to the Ambassadors at events;

If you wish to book an Apprentice Ambassador for an event complete the booking form below:

I would like to book an Apprentice Ambassador


    If you would like to book a FREE Apprenticeship IAG session for your pupils please contact

    What have our ambassadors been up to?

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