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Jim Unsworth

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Jim Unsworth

Westinghouse Springfields Fuels LTD, engineering,
We manufacture the fuel for nuclear reactors.

Which type of Apprenticeships do you offer?
Advanced and degree

Why did you choose to hire an apprentice?
It is difficult to get the right skills from outside so apprentices get the right skills and breathe new life into the workforce.

What benefits has your company seen from hiring apprentices?
The continued safe manufacture of quality fuel products.

What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about becoming or hiring an apprentice?
It gives you confidence you are going to get the skills you need to continue and grow your business.

Please tell us a positive story regarding apprenticeships that you can share?
We have taken on apprentices every year for the last 70 years, 40% of our workforce is made up of former apprentices and Ofsted gave us an outstanding grade for the retention and outcomes for our learners.

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