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Danny Blake

Danny works for a company called Trak Rap, who manufacture Stretch Wrap Machinery, an alternate solution to shrink wrap machinery, and is currently doing the Level 4 NVQ Extended Diploma in Engineering Manufacture.

Danny recently attended a Career’s Evening at Ormskirk High School and provided the following account of his experience.

“The event consisted of me and another apprentice from my company setting up a table at the event, and then giving information on both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Apprenticeships to anyone who was interested. In terms of interest, we managed to get a handful of students to consider going down the apprenticeship route, explaining the benefits of being able to gain practical skills whilst simultaneously working towards the same level qualifications that their college/university friends would be doing. The concept of earning a wage at the same time seemed to sweeten the deal for everyone who approached us. We understood that Engineering would not appeal to everyone, so we pointed other students in the direction of other colleges at the event known to provide apprenticeships, such as Wigan and Leigh College, where both myself and the other apprentice attend. Ideally we would have liked to have gained a little bit more interest, however I feel like we lost out to some other tables with flashy banners and free items (bribes).  Next year, to maintain a competitive edge, we are considering building a small device featuring both mechanical and electrical components to show students the kind of work they may undertake in the engineering sector.  Not only would this show them the type of practical work they may undertake, but also gives us an opportunity to show them some of the lesser known aspects involved, such as completing risk assessments for a job, and the importance of incorporating safety features into the assemblies.”

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