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What is an Apprenticeship Ambassador?

An Apprenticeship Ambassador is someone who inspires others to want to be an apprentice. Ambassadors must be a minimum of 18 years of age and be someone who is currently an apprentice or someone who has completed their apprenticeship within the last three years. Ambassadors must be passionate about promoting Apprenticeships to others.

Why become an Ambassador?

For you…

You believe that your apprenticeship has been right for you and you want to tell people about it. Also, you know that University isn’t right for everyone and you want to help young people know all the options. You want to help young people make the right decision for them. Additionally, you will improve your skills, for example in networking, presenting, communicating. You will experience events and activities in a wide range of settings, from Science Festivals to school classrooms. It will be a fantastic addition to your CV and you will meet like-minded young apprentices and be part of a network of apprentices across Lancashire and the North West. You will expand your network of contacts.

For your employer…

It will provide prestige, acquire great publicity, raise awareness of your employer to young people and attract the next generation of apprentices and employees to your employer.

What does an Ambassador do?

Ambassadors share the experience, knowledge and skills of being an Apprentice and talk positively and honestly about their Apprenticeship journey to inspire others. They champion and promote the benefits and opportunities that Apprenticeships provide to people, teachers and parents. An Ambassador motivates, inspires and encourages young people to make an informed decision about their futures. They act as a role model to promote and encourage diversity within Apprenticeships. They proactively promote Apprenticeships to employers to highlight the benefits of recruiting Apprentices and encourage them to offer high quality Apprenticeship opportunities. An Ambassador will attend school events and careers fairs to promote Apprenticeships and will deliver presentations to school assemblies or at an event/conference. They will promote progression to Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships. An Ambassador acts as the voice of young people and is a sounding board for consultations on the future direction of Apprenticeships.

What support will an Apprenticeship Ambassador receive?

You will undertake a training and induction course into the Apprenticeship Ambassador programme. You will be provided with a resource pack of materials to present the information to schools. You will be able to share your experience and learn from other Apprenticeship Ambassadors. An Ambassador will have access to ongoing training to support their Ambassador role and be part of network of Ambassadors across Lancashire and the North West.

What have our ambassadors been up to?

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