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PARENTS & Carers

Parents & Carers 

As a parent or carer it is important that you are familiar on the options so you can offer up to date guidance when helping decision making.  Please read below for up to date information to help you to advise on the best options.

What are the post 16 options?

  1. Carry on in full-time education for example doing A-Levels, T-Levels or a B-Tec
  2. Get an apprenticeship which is a full time job whilst also gaining a qualification part time, now available in all sectors
  3. Get a Traineeship, this is seen as a stepping stone to get into the world of work

What are the post 18 options?

  1. Carry on in full-time higher education for example doing a degree, Higher Technical Qualification or a Vocational Technical Qualification
  2. Get an Apprenticeship, for example if you have achieved your T-Levels, B-Tec or A-Levels you could go on to get a Higher or Degree Apprenticeship. 
  3. Get a Traineeship, this is a skills development programme designed if you are no longer in full time education and have no work experience. 

Visit ‘Get the Jump’ for all work and study options

The Get the Jump campaign is a brilliant new campaign bringing together, for the first time, all education and training choices for young people into once place. As parents or carers it is a very useful tool to fully understand and get your head around all the options for education and training choices available to young people aged 14-19.

Make sure you check it out!

Apprenticeship Misconceptions 

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Apprenticeships are an option for ALL learners as there are the different apprenticeship levels including degree level, or you could start on a level 2 and work your way up the levels. You could get into an excellent professional career such as a Solicitor or Architect via an apprenticeship where the employer has paid for the training.  

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”You can only get an Apprenticeships in manual work ” tab_id=”1650883364073-3907fd0a-ae41″]


Apprenticeships are available manual trades and much more, they now are available in all sectors, take a look the the range of apprenticeship standards by clicking here

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”You can only get an Apprenticeship if you are a school leaver” tab_id=”1650883466903-e45a250d-0db5″]


You can apply for an apprenticeship at any age you just have to be a minimum of 16 and not in full time education. Or it might be you are currently in a full time job but want to be put on an apprenticeship to help you to progress to a desired job role. 

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Employers don’t offer jobs to apprentices once they have completed their apprenticeship ” tab_id=”1650883465099-9396afc3-2561″]


The majority of apprentices (around 90%) stay in employment after their apprenticeship, and it’s important to remember that the employer has invested both their time and money in training and developing the apprentices so will want to keep that skillset within their company. 

[/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Apprenticeships are the easy route ” tab_id=”1650883462865-e1c1c53c-9a5d”]


Apprenticeships can be competitive as they are becoming more popular. It might be that there are 50 other people applying at the same time as you, therefore a lot of time and effort must go into your application forms. Apprentices are balancing a full-time job and studying (which can be up to degree level) at the same time and a lot of hard work and dedication is required. 

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